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Do It Yourself Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Ronnie Noize, the marketing coach, presents short and sweet insider tips and techniques from top experts, authors, and real business owners who've mastered marketing.
Episode 3: 
Why Your Website Sucks--And Why Your Web Designer Thinks It's Your Fault
My pal Adam Blust of Lucky 8 Ball Design reveals why websites fail to achieve their objectives, and what to do about that in this insightful and entertaining interview. Warning: Uninhibited laughter and actual enjoyment are evident in this audio. 

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Episode 2: Is Google Hiding Your Business and Costing You Sales?
My colleague Brad Harmon, Marketing Strategist with U B All U R Business Solutions, assures us that Google isn't trying to hide your business, but insists that we need take action to get noticed. He explains how to get found on Google, and offers this great free tool:

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Episode 1: Why Lead Generation Doesn't Work--the Shocking Truth from an InfusionSoft Insider
InfusionSoft Certified Consultant Dave Blanchard of Cognesis Marketing admits that lead generation doesn't work--and he explains why not, and what to do about it.
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