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Bored? Try Marketing Word Scrambles, Networking Tic Tac Toe, or Work From Home Procrastination Bingo to add a little levity to the work day.


This hour-long video will explain marketing in terms of what to do to get clients fast.

Marketing Articles: Sales, Strategy & Social Media
A full month of ideas for what to post on social media to get engagement.

Want to get your name in the paper to trigger word of mouth buzz, but don't know what to say? Here are 20 ideas.

Feel awkward asking for money? Find out exactly what to say to close the sale.

Top 10 Buying Signals You Might Not Recognize
How to tell if your prospect is ready and willing to buy.

Just getting started in your business? Use these five essential business strategies to build your business fast.

Your Online Marketing Strategies Checklist: How to get found on the internet
A website alone is no longer enough to get found on the internet; these days, you need to establish a true presence in multiple ways to get found. Here's my hot list of must-have marketing for your web presence.

Here are 12 things to do that are proven ways to generate leads that turn into sales, including what to do and where to find clients.

Does the market favor the introverts among us, or do the extroverts still reign supreme?

Want to sell out your next event? Follow my simple 5-step process and use some of these magnetic event promotion ideas.

Marketing Articles: Mindset
What to do when fear holds you back from moving ahead.

How I keep the ideas and creativity flowing--and get a ton done

Marketing Articles: Tools
Free Marketing Services, DIY Tools & Archives
Free is a great price when you need help! Check out this short but handy list.

What tools do we actually use here? See the list.

Your Business Card: Asset or Liability
Is your business card a great marketing tool? See how yours stacks up to this checklist.

Entrepreneurial Articles: Home Office

How to Spring Clean Your Home (or Virtual) Office
Use this handy checklist to clean up your working space.

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