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Redeem Mastermind $ Virtually · DIY Weekly Member Update · June 8, 2020 · #492

05 Jun 2020 4:48 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
DIY Weekly Member Update · June 8, 2020 · #492
How to Virtually Redeem Mastermind Money

How to Redeem Mastermind Money (Virtually!)

Hey DIY member,

Wondering how to redeem that Mastermind money you have hanging around? I know we've talked about this before, but it is worth repeating because it keeps coming up. Here's the process:

Step 1: With a sharpie or other THICK felt pen, write the following information on the BACKS of the bills:

  • Your name
  • The redemption date (the date you're emailing it in)
  • Number of bills to redeem

See the example above, with my name, date, and number of bills:

  • Ronnie Noize
  • 3/9/20
  • 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3

Step 2: Take a picture of all the bills in a single image like in the photo above. Make sure the date and the number of bills are clearly visible.

Step 3: Send me the photo via Facebook messenger or email ( Be sure to mention the amount of Mastermind money you are redeeming. "Ronnie, I'd like to get a $30 credit for this Mastermind money. Thanks."

Step 4: You will receive a credit to your account that you can spend on private coaching. Once you've received your credit notification from me, just tear the bills in half and recycle.

Please note: Only whole bills are eligible for redemption. Your name and the date MUST be written ON the bills, NOT added with a photo editor.

Questions? Please post them in our Facebook group so that everyone can benefit from the answer. Because if YOU have a question about this, chances are that someone else does, too. Thank you.

To your prosperity & profitability,

Ronnie Noize
Your Virtual Marketing Coach

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