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DIY Weekly Member Update · April 13, 2020 · #484

10 Apr 2020 9:33 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
DIY Weekly Member Update · April 13, 2020 · #484

Virtual Marketing Coaching Wednesday


One of the greatest things about the DIY is that our community is virtual. You don't have to leave your house to get support, guidance, and resources for your business.

Every month we have a group coaching call on Zoom for Premium members. Each participant get an initial 5 minutes, followed by a 90-second "lightning" round. That might not sound like a lot of time, but a lot gets done in these short but valuable sessions.

Wondering if group coaching would work for you?

Here's what DIYer Kimberly Ficklin has to say:

"Many say group coaching doesn’t work but I actually prefer it. The other business owners are inspiring as they work through their coaching and inevitably I learn something (or a few things) new on each call. Often, the subject that someone else is getting coaching on isn’t pertinent to me at the time but many times later, I’ll be able to use it and not have to use more coaching time to accomplish it."

And here's what DIYer Stephanie Arnheim says:

"It always surprises me at how my mind kicks into gear on other parts of my business as I hear what others are doing and gives me extra motivation and support."

Here's how to get the most out of your laser marketing coaching sessions:

1. Know what you want from our time together, and ask for it. Are you looking for feedback, answers, acknowledgment, support, guidance, ideas, celebration? Let me know so I don't make assumptions that leave you disappointed.

2. Be ready for your turn. Between each segment, I repeat the order that members will be served. I do this so you'll be prepared when it is your turn. Have the document or website open, so that when you share your screen you don't waste precious time searching folders or trying to remember your password while the clock is ticking.

3. Show up regularly, even if you don't have any questions to ask. You can share your successes, update us on your progress, brainstorm ideas, or get quick tips on your current projects. You can ask me to ask you a question, because yeah, I do coaching. You may find that validation and acknowledgment are tremendously reassuring and motivating, especially in trying times.

Our next group Marketing Coaching Call is on Wednesday at 2 PM Pacific. This is an exclusively Premium member event.

Not yet a Premium member? Current members can upgrade right now for only $47/month. Go ahead, email me with your questions. I promise to answer. 

To your prosperity & profitability,

Ronnie Noize
Your Marketing Coach

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