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DIY Weekly Member Update · March 2, 2020 · #478

28 Feb 2020 9:25 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
DIY Weekly Member Update · March 2, 2020 · #478
Introducing Each One Teach One


What is "each one teach one" (EOTO)?

It's a new format for the discussion segment of this month's Virtual Mastermind meeting. So instead of me yakking about some topic, we get to plumb the depths of our members' genius and experience. 

Here's how it works:

Each member gets 90 seconds to show, explain, introduce or share a tip or resource. This is more than simply mentioning a favorite tool, app or website. We expect a visual demonstration so you can actually show us what you're talking about. How cool is that? 

Couple of guidelines:

First, there must be a live demo or visual to go with the suggested resource. We'll use Zoom's screenshare for this. Second, be sure to post the link to the resource in the chat in the Zoom meeting so we all get it.

How it looks:

Just like our round-robin style of suggestions and laser coaching, each person gets a turn. The turns last 90 seconds, which is plenty of time to share, but not so long that prep becomes a chore. 

An example:

Let's say you want to share the Advanced Marketing Institute's headline analyzer. When it's your turn, you post the link in the chat ( Then share your screen to the open window in your browser and demo the tool for the group.

Instead of mentioning the tool, you show us a headline with the rating. Then, show us what happens when you change a word. Does the rating increase? As you see in the images above, I tried the "Each One Teach One" headline first. The 50% rating is very good, but I wondered if I could improve it, so I added the word "Introducing" to boost the rating to 60%. Boom! So when you share, show us how it works.

Another example:

Maybe you want to share the tool that makes your Canva images into animated gifs. To prepare, make sure you have your finished image ready to download first. Then, show us the different gif options we could download.

Now, if you're a regular Canva user, you already know the reason for this advance preparation. Not all Canva images can be animated, so you'll want to make sure your image can be before you begin your demo. Otherwise we won't get to see the cool thing, and you'll have a little egg on your face. (Don't worry, I've had whole quiches on my face before!) 

Doesn't this sound fun and interesting?!? This next Virtual Mastermind should be super valuable! I am looking forward to seeing what our Premium members bring to share.

Remember, registration is optional. The access link is on the Mastermind Meetings page. If you like and/or want an email reminder, go ahead and save your place below.

Not a Premium member but want to attend this meeting? You can upgrade to Premium at any time. Let me know if you have questions. 

To your prosperity & profitability,

Ronnie Noize
Your Virtual Marketing Coach

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