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DIY Weekly Member Update · November 11, 2019 · #462

08 Nov 2019 6:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

DIY Weekly Member Update · November 11, 2019 · #462


Is there is something you've been putting off doing--even though it's important to your business? If immediate progress is on your agenda this week, our VIP Day is your chance to make it happen.

What is the DIY VIP Day? It is a collaborative, shared experience of individual focus, attention and effort on priority objectives. In other words, you get to choose your focus and goal(s) for the day, while I support you and help keep your focus on progress. 

VIP = Virtual Immediate Progress

Virtual = electronically connected, by phone or computer

Immediate = occurring or done at once; instant, i.e. in this moment

Progress = forward or onward movement toward a goal or destination

Day = 6.5 hours ( typical "work" day)

Here's what DIYer Mary Wilson posted about our first VIP Day: "OMG Ronnie! Thank you so much for offering VIP day. When I have encountered business roadblocks working on my own, I feel stuck and unable to finish my project. With #DIYmarketing and #VIPDay, the quantity and quality of my accomplishments were amazing! Literally #couldnthavedoneitwithoutyou So excited for the next #VIPDay on November 15th."

See the whole agenda before you decide if this is for you.

See the VIP Day agenda

This week's winning Jackpot number belongs to Ari Milner, but will he claim his prize

The last on-site networking training at the DIY in Vancouver. Is this the end of an era yes it is

Social Media Marketing Strategy Workshop presented by your marketing coach at the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce at a price that you just can't pass up

DIY Events: November 11-15, 2019

Action Call 8 AM [Monday] Zoom | 8 AM Pacific | Premium members only

Action Call 10 AM [Monday] Zoom | 10 AM Pacific | Premium members only 

How to Build Your Business with Networking Training [Wednesday] DIY Vancouver | 9:30 AM Pacific | Registration requested | DIY: $0; Public $25

Marketing Coaching II [Wednesday] Zoom | 2 PM Pacific | Premium members only 

VIP Day [Friday] Zoom | 9 AM Pacific | Registration required | DIY: $127; Public $147

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