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DIY Weekly Member Update · September 30, 2019 · #456

28 Sep 2019 4:37 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

DIY Weekly Member Update · September 30, 2019 · #456

Introducing VIP Day on October 18th

Hey, here's something new:

Introducing VIP Day, our first shared all-day virtual collaborative work day. What is VIP about?

VIP = Virtual Immediate Progress

✔️Virtual = electronically connected, by phone or computer

✔️Immediate = occurring or done at once; instant, i.e. in this moment

✔️Progress = forward or onward movement toward a goal or destination

✔️Day = 6.57 hours ( typical "work" day)

The DIY VIP Day is a collaborative, shared experience of individual focus, attention and effort on priority objectives.

In other words, each participant chooses ONE goal for the day, and works on it, while we support and cheer you on. For example, you could:

  • Set up an electronic newsletter and write the first issue.
  • Write all your posts and create all images for 30 days of your social media marketing.
  • Create your first informational or promotional videos.
  • Create 10 videos!
  • Write the first drafts of a month's worth of blog posts.
  • Clean your office.
  • Reorganize your electronic files.
  • Create or update your client onboarding process, including any emails, materials, and processes.
  • Capture ideas from morning pages, journals or notes.

And so on. 

Bottom line: If there is something you've been putting off and it's important to your business, this is a great day to devote to making significant progress on the project. ⌛

What you can expect from the day, your coach and the others in the group:

  • The time and space to focus on getting one thing done.
  • Feedback, encouragement and guidance.
  • Support, resources and accountability.

Logistics: We'll kick off with a brief planning session, then get right to it. We'll meet four more times throughout the day to keep you on track, motivated, and moving forward.

+ You'll have access to my support and feedback all day long! 

See the full meeting agenda here: VIP Day [Virtual Meeting]

Special Inspiration U offer: Save $20 when you register by Sunday night!

RSVP for VIP Day now

Congratulations to this week's Jackpot winner Cindy Hooker--IF she claims this prize

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