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DIY Weekly Member Update · August 19, 2019 · #450

17 Aug 2019 8:07 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

DIY Weekly Member Update · August 19, 2019 · #450

Do You Need Marketing Coaching


You know what makes me a little bit frustrated? That so many people believe that marketing coaching is ONLY about WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

Actually, the best value in marketing coaching is the SUPPORT.

So you can get stuff DONE.

And stay in ACTION.

Instead of losing momentum.

Being disappointed in yourself.

And discouraged. 

Here's what group marketing coaching gives you:

  • The accountability of showing up (and proving to yourself that you're making progress).
  • The opportunity to share your work to get feedback (and get better).
  • The ability to be inspired, motivated and encouraged by others. And to offer others the same.

Did you hear what DIYer Kimberly Ficklin said recently during one of our group Marketing Coaching Calls? Her "sparkle" was this:

"Anybody who doesn't believe in group coaching is crae because I get more--not that I don't love my 1:1 coaching with Ronnie because I get a lot from that--but seriously we're all working on different things, all of which can apply to our business and I just learn so much on these calls."

The next group Marketing Coaching Call is on Tuesday at 2 PM.

ALL members are welcome! There is a small fee if you don't have an All-Access pass, but it is far less expensive than mistakes or missed opportunities. Please join us.

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