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New & Improved! Prosperity & Profitability Project Traction Tool | Members Only Weekly Review · January 28, 2023 · #630

28 Jan 2023 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Members Only Weekly Review · January 28, 2023 · #630

Download your Project Traction Tool now

Hey DIYer,

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the idea of starting a new project? Or worse, have you ever started a project only to get derailed, and never seem to get back on track?

I know I do! That's why I put together a quick worksheet for myself, which I also use with my clients.

I've made a few small adjustments over the years to polish what I think is now the perfect one-page project traction tool. It's quick, easy, and the perfect first step for achieving any goal.

This NEW IMPROVED tool is now posted on the Marketing Fundamentals page for you (link below).

I think you'll find it incredibly helpful to use. And if you're planning to work with me, either for private coaching or in my Monday Coaching & Accountability Group, this is a great tool for tracking progress and helping me understand where you are and how I can support you.

Download this new tool now

Here are your P&P Project Traction Tool Instructions:

Yes, the tool is intuitive to use, but some folks prefer a list of questions instead of a form to download. If that's you, here's your list:

  • What are the start and completion dates for your project?
  • What is the goal, objective, outcome or project?
  • What is the current status of the project? In other words, where are you now, and what steps have you already taken? It's OK if you're still in the idea stage.
  • What is the desired 90-day result (or sooner if the project is shorter term)?
  • Why focus on this now? What's the hurry? What deadlines or other factors are at play?
  • What are the consequences of putting it off? What will delaying cost you?
  • What are the most important action steps you can think of? (You don't have to think of them all right now!)
  • What tools and resources do you need to get this done/make this happen? Include people, expertise, time, and money if needed, as well as the tools that might be necessary to complete this project.
  • What are the immediate (within the next two weeks) steps you can take?

What to do with this document:

Fill it out with the information you have now, and post it in the electronic folder you've created for this project. Because as your project progresses, you're going to want to update and/or add to to this document.

Here are some options for using this tool:

Handwrite it: Print out the tool, and write out your answers by hand. Then either scan the document, take a picture of it with your phone, or type up your answers. Remember to save the electronic version to your project folder.

Fill it out electronically: If you don't have a PDF editor, you can use an online tool such as or PDF24 ( to fill out this tool. Remember to save the edited version to your project folder.

Typing without the tool: If you prefer just typing up your answers in a plain text or Word file, copy-and-paste the list of questions above. Then save the document to your project folder.

 Power Up Tip: SAVE the document as "ProjectName Plan" (e.g. New Website Plan) in your project folder. Because you want to be able to find your notes quickly and easily.

Looking forward to hearing how your projects are going!

To your prosperity & profitability,

Veronika (Ronnie) Noize
YOUR Virtual Marketing Coach

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