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My Phone Number Is Being Spoofed!

19 May 2021 5:44 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Did you receive a call from a telemarketer using my phone number? IT WASN'T ME!!

My phone number is currently being spoofed by a telemarketer. Please simply block my number so that the telemarketer will stop using it.

Reporting my phone number as spam or fraud only increases the harm to my business done by a malicious third party spammer.

I am a small business owner, and rely on my reputation to make my living. When a spoofer uses my good number to harrass or annoy YOU, it harms my business, too. Especially when you blame me for what some scammer is doing without my knowledge or consent. Taking punitive action against my phone number hurts my business financially, so PLEASE simply block the spam number. You are not the only victim in the scam telemarketing schemes; my business is suffering because of it, too. Thank you.

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