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🆕▶️ October 2023 Member Marketing Q&A Replay + Transcript Posted

🆕▶️ October 2023 Member Marketing Q&A Replay + Transcript Posted 

DIY Insiders, the video replay and full transcript from today's Member Marketing Q&A meeting are now posted on the Members Only area of this membersite.

Great discussions at today's meeting! Here are the highlights (although we talked about more stuff):

  • Copywriting for marketing with a focus on LinkedIn. (0:04)
  • General advice on copywriting for various platforms, including LinkedIn, with a focus on attention-grabbing strategies. (1:51)
  • Using AI tools to improve copywriting and find ideal clients. (8:15)
  • Lead generation for copywriters. (14:09)
  • Lead generation and content marketing strategies. (20:07)
  • Public speaking techniques and templates. (24:33)
  • Using AI to improve public speaking. (30:06)
  • Crafting an effective sales email for a subscription service. (35:43)
  • Writing effective Facebook and Instagram posts. (40:52)
  • Social media marketing strategies and hashtag use. (46:39)
  • Building relationships and networking on LinkedIn. (58:56)
  • Marketing strategies and personal growth. (1:04:39)

Good stuff! 

Watch the video or review the transcript for more details. Here's your direct link (login required to access):

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