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How to Refer [My Easy Technique & Model]

How to Refer [My Easy Techinique & Model]

You know that networking is all about connections and referrals.

But how do we refer without putting either person on the spot? Which can get weird!

Referring one person to another, particularly when we don't know either party very well, can be a bit confusing.

Does PersonA really want to buy? Is PersonB really the best option? Are YOU responsible for any outcomes, either way?

I developed this easy technique and model for referral introductions years ago. It works perfectly, achieving the goal of introducing two people who may work want to work together. But also indemnifying all parties (including YOU) of any obligation. So there's no weirdness if things don't work out.

The feedback that I've received from using this technique as been positive. Even when the relationship didn't end in a sale, both parties felt good about each other and me, which is still a good outcome.

The technique is super simple: Just send an email to both people following this model below:

Subject line:

Strategic introduction from YourName: PersonA meet PersonB


Hi PersonA and PersonB,

Body copy:

PersonA, I met PersonB at a recent function, and she mentioned that she's thinking about X.

Naturally, I immediately thought of you, as that's your area of expertise. I told her that you could answer any questions she has about X.

PersonB owns a new retail shop downtown. You can reach her at:

Phone: 360-123-4567


PersonB, PersonA is a trusted X expert in my network, and I am confident that she can answer your questions. Or at the very least, she'll be able to direct you to the right person if her expertise is not what you need.

PersonA owns an X agency. You can reach her at:

Phone: 360-987-6543


Now that you have each other's contact info, I will leave the connection and follow up between you two. Because I know that good things can happen when good people get together!

If there is anything else I can do to be of service, please do not hesitate to ask.






You can add more details if you wish, but this model covers it all. The value is that you are actively referring, being of service to both the person in search of help and the potential provider of that help.

So you look like a hero, winning the appreciation and gratitude of both. What’s not to like about that!?

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