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Small business marketing help. You're in business for yourself, but you don't have to do it all by yourself.

We can do it, together.

Your Marketing Problems Solved

At the DIY Marketing Center, we solve the three most common (and aggravating) marketing problems for small business owners:

#1: WHAT to do for marketing.

Which marketing strategies are right for you and your market? Because "one-size-fits-all" marketing strategies are myth. Someone else with the same market may do well with strategies that won't work for you. (Weird, I know.)

So we deliver classes, coaching, and tools to identify the right marketing strategies, plans, systems, tools that fit your strengths, values, and market. And I show you how those strategies look with new marketing strategies and skills webinars every month.

Plus we've got a HUGE archive of marketing classes including video replays, notes, slides, transcripts, tools, worksheets and extras. And even done-for-you plans for networking, social media, and more.

#2: HOW to do that marketing stuff.

Things are changing quickly. Technology, am I right? And if you're not already a marketer by trade, you're at a double disadvantage.

That's why we deliver live Q&A sessions and helpful tools demos every month. So you can ask questions while you're learning and doing the work. Plus we've got tons of useful videos, checklists, tutorials, and more for members.

#3: Getting that marketing stuff DONE.

As a busy business owner, you've got lots to do. Even with the best intentions, many of us just don't find the time to do what we need to make our marketing work for us. That's why I offer group coaching for accountability, feedback, and support in affordable packages. 

Or maybe you prefer private coaching? You got it!

Private coaching for members is available in 20-minute ($75 per session) and 45-minute ($125 per session) increments. No time-wasting nonsense, just straight-to-the-point coaching.

 DIY Insider Membership includes:

• Monthly live Do-With-Me Tool Demo to learn how to use valuable marketing tools. Real-time training so you can work along side me, and get your questions answered. ($25+ value)

• Monthly live Marketing Q&A meeting to answer your questions. Ask about definitions, processes, systems, best practices, examples, strategies, tactics, and tools. ($25+ value)

• Monthly all-new live marketing webinar to explore new marketing ideas and discover new strategies. ($25+ value)

• Unrestricted access to our archive of marketing video replays, worksheets, and marketing tools

• The Profitable Marketing Machine 16-session (recorded) workshop + worksheets

Meet Your Virtual Marketing Coach

Hi, I'm Ronnie Noize, and I'm ready to be your marketing coach. Here's what I want to and will do for you--if you join the DIY and reach out to me:

  • I will help you create a plan, map out action steps, and identify your motivation for success this year
  • I will support you when your energy flags, motivation weakens, or setbacks threaten your progress
  • I will provide tools, resources, and professional-quality advice to help you get what you want and where you want to be
  • I will be unconditionally encouraging, unfailingly honest, and fiercely loyal to your goals
  • I will be here for you

Because no matter what, I know this: We CAN do it--together!

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Insider Membership [Monthly]

per month
Super affordable month-to-month option!

Includes these monthly events & privileges:
  • Do-With-Me Demo
  • Marketing Q&A Meeting
  • Marketing Strategies Webinar
  • Access to videos, worksheets, more
  • Optional private & group coaching

Insider Membership [6 Months]

every 6 months
Save 20% with this 6-month option!

Includes 6 months of these monthly events & privileges:
  • Do-With-Me Demo
  • Marketing Q&A Meeting
  • Marketing Strategies Webinar
  • Access to videos, worksheets, more
  • Optional private & group coaching