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Small business marketing help. You're in business for yourself, but you don't have to do it all by yourself.

We can do it, together.

A "Soft Landing" for Members

As a DIY Insider member, you know what we do here.

We help members:

#1: Figure out WHAT to do for marketing.

#2: Learn HOW to do that marketing stuff.

#3: Provide help getting all that marketing stuff DONE.

But this is all coming to an end. And it may feel a little big like having the rug pulled out from under you, so I'm giving you access to the DIY archive to soften the transition from membership to, well, not being a part of this community.

Some of you need a little more time to go through the archive of Content Boxes, Tools, meeting replays, and the like. You got it.

And some of you want to get some coaching before it is no longer available.

So I am offering one more group coaching series in April for accountability, feedback, and support in an affordable package. 

Or maybe you prefer private coaching? You got it!

Private coaching is available in 20-minute ($75 per session) and 45-minute ($125 per session) increments.

You know the drill. No time-wasting nonsense, just straight-to-the-point coaching. With a downloadable video recording as well as a full written transcript of your session.

Why do you want continued access to the DIY Insider Member site? Because it includes:

• 18 Do-With-Me Tools Demos to learn how to use valuable marketing tools.

• Marketing Q&A replays

• 70+ Content Boxes with marketing masterclasses (to explore new marketing ideas and discover new strategies.

• Tons of other video replays, worksheets, and marketing tools

• The Profitable Marketing Machine 16-session (recorded) workshop + worksheets

In other words, lots of tools and content you may want to revisit or keep for future reference. And this "soft landing" access extension for members delivers all that as the Insider membership program winds down.

To make sure you have continued access, please sign up below.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

The Soft Landing for DIY Insiders

March-June Free Access

Free access to the member area through June, 2024.

What members are saying

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I am a coach. And I have a coach because I realize the value of coaching to enhance my life and in this case my marketing. My marketing coach is Ronnie (Veronika) Noize.

What I like about Ronnie is, she:

  • meets me where I am.
  • accepts what I have completed.
  • makes sure I understand.
  • takes me into account.
  • sees perspectives I miss.
  • has more ideas.
  • has insight.
  • is intuitive.
  • is supportive.
  • is honest.
  • is direct.
  • is concise.
  • is quick.
  • maximizes time.
  • is always recreating her material.
  • is conscientious.
  • cares.

If you are intrigued, you can join the group I am in [DIY Insider]. Then you can make your own list!

— Caron MacLane

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Ronnie's knowledge about marketing is immense. She has been in the business for years AND she has stayed current with the trends of the day while honoring what she knows as a professional to be the "right way" to interact with people.

She has an incredible library of virtual classes that she has recorded. One I watched today has a note taking outline, a step by step guide to download, the slides themselves as well as a recording I can watch and rewatch.

What I notice is she makes an incredible offer and then over delivers. I trust her, I like her and I am totally engaged with her in what I am learning. Even as a seasoned entrepreneur, I can find marketing challenging. She has ushered me out of overwhelm and I am delighted.

Her marketing membership group is uber affordable. I hope to see you there!

— Dina Emser

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Here's a plug for [you] Ronnie, but I say it because I know it to be true in my case.

My just talking to you has always had a magical effect. Some of that magic is your very real knowledge and experience and ability to pass it on to others who need it, but there is another aspect that isn’t as easy to quantify – and I just call it magic. 

You affect folks in a way that inspires them to do their best, to believe in themselves and their own abilities, and to send them marching out of your office geared up for success. That’s what you did for me in some way that was beyond explanation. 

There were days I felt as if I were walking on air after talking to you. I have always known that my success in this quilting business would not have happened without the help I got from you and your "magic".

— Rosie Rhine