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Are you ready to jumpstart your profitability?

Forget complicated marketing plans. What you need is a highly profitable marketing machine!

This marketing machine blueprint will show you exactly what you need to do (and what you can ignore) when it comes to marketing. Because you want to create consistent revenue for your small service business.

In just 16 easy-to-follow sessions, you'll design your own marketing machine that works for you. A workable plan that reflects your skills, your values, your style.

Set Up Your Marketing Machine

You'll get 16 sessions to guide you as you set up your own profitable marketing machine. These are working sessions, recorded live, with the time and tools to design your marketing machine.

Each session includes a definition, an example, a worksheet, and an activity. So unlike most virtual workshops, you'll be doing instead of passively watching. You'll be working on your marketing machine, with guidance and support.

Here's what's included with this program:

• 16 video replays of 1-hour virtual group meetings on Zoom

• Worksheets for each session (downloadable/PDF) with tools & exercises

• Full written transcripts of each video

• All extra materials, including slides, templates, examples, and more

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Work along with your marketing coaches in this 16-session recorded series.

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