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What Members Say...

"The blast off that happened"
Someday I am sure I will divide my career into three parts. Step one was working for others and learning my craft. Step two was going into business for myself and fumbling towards moderate success. Step three will the blast off that happened after I started working with you... the omens are positive and, more importantly, the confidence is finally in place that I’m finally doing the right "stuff". ~  Chris Sheesley, MA, In-Accord Inc.

"Tripled my income"
I am so thrilled to see that I have nearly tripled my income in the last year! A large portion of that is the direct result of working with you (Ronnie Noize) and being an active DIY Marketing member this last year. Both have helped me focus my marketing efforts, concentrating my talents on ideal clients that stay, pay and refer. And it's working! Thanks so much for helping me succeed! ~ Lori Reed, Reed Creative

"Actionable, real-life guidance"
Veronika is literally a Marketing Rock Star. I have benefited from Veronika's high-impact, content-rich classes and from her one-on-one coaching. She provides actionable, real-life guidance. I recommend Veronika without reservation. ~ Kristin Taylor, Kristin Taylor Marketing 

ncredible source of information and techniques"
Thank you so much for giving me the "Umph" to keep going on this entrepreneur adventure that I'm on. You not only are an incredible source of information and techniques, you have the ability to encourage and uplift me out of the dumpers. ~ Jane Wolfe, The Relationship Coach

"Your program is fantastic" ~ Amy Loudenback

"Indispensable to the success of my business"
I also told [name withheld] that you were indispensable to the success of my business.  Thank you Ronnie! It was worth every penny -- and more! ~ Jeff Williams, The New Jeff Williams Marketing

"Your insights and examples are inspiring and reassuring"
Many thanks for our time together yesterday.  You really helped me to refocus on my business and reaffirm my commitment.  Your insights and examples are inspiring and reassuring, all at once. Not an easy thing to do! ~Kristin Taylor, Kristin Taylor Marketing
"It really is inspiring to listen to and to be around people who are walking the walk and getting things done."
I wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you for all your advice on the call this morning.  I feel very blessed to have you in my life and on my team with all your brilliant ideas and support.  Thanks for being you.  And, thanks for collecting such amazing people into [our] community. It really is inspiring to listen to and to be around people who are walking the walk and getting things done. ~Connie Dorigan, CPC,
"Already seems to be paying off – literally!"
Thank YOU!!  It was a very relevant and reassuring meeting with you.  I have so much more focus, motivation and enthusiasm around our business since the beginning of the year when I took the time to contemplate, strategize and plan.  And it already seems to be paying off – literally! ~ Jennifer Corio,

"My business grew 61% in one year"
Thanks for putting together such a great group, Ronnie, where I can actually say my business grew 61% in one year because of ideas and support I received through [the Mastermind]!! ~Victoria Cook,

"500% business growth for 2 years in a row"
Can't brag enough about 500% business growth for 2 years in a row because of the Masterminders :-) ~ Berry Kruijning,

"Helped me double my income"
Mastermind has helped me double my income and cut my expenses in half. ~ Brandie Kajino,

"First month's value was worth the cost of the entire year"
Am I ever delighted with the Mastermind group. My first month's value was worth the cost of the entire year's participation!!  ~ Tammy Cook,

"I LOVE the inspiration calls"
And speaking of impressed,  you too, continue to impress me.  I LOVE the [Action] calls, for their inspiration and for their accountability.   So thank you. ~ Connie Dorigan,

"Added energy and focus"
I enjoy and appreciate all the attention and the direction of the new Marketing Mastermind.  I notice your added energy and focus and find value in it. Hearing the same things in different ways allows the information to integrate more fully. After listening to you, I am ever more understanding of the dance between listening and sharing.  When you speak, there is the intertwining of your years of experience.  I am gradually learning the various pieces that you put together so skillfully and gracefully.  Then you top it off with your powerful strength of ideation. ~ Caron MacLane, Circle Coach & Consultant,

"I was impressed..."
You treat everyone as if they are the only person in the room.  I have recommended you to my good friends and will continue to spread your name. I was impressed by your generosity of information, and your grace throughout your greetings, meetings and farewells. ~ Tammy Sanderson

"Opened my eyes to the possibilities"
The MasterMind weekend was truly inspirational. I felt as if I had been wearing blinders, and they were suddenly gone.  It opened my eyes to the possibilities of where my business can go, and how to get there. ~ Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer,

You're such a great coach and I've learned so much. Thanks for everything!  ~ Darlene MacAuley,

Why members love the DIY program:
    1. Monday morning virtual meetings to get the accountability, feedback, inspiration, and motivation you need from your coach and colleagues
    2. Many modules of marketing training available [over 50 full video classes]
    3. Training in advanced business strategies with real-world examples and experts
    4. Live access on a regular basis to a world-class professional marketing coach to get answers to any marketing questions you have
    5. Association, connection, and networking with other motivated business owners
    6. Facebook group to connect with other members for support, encouragement, and ideas
    7. Tons of tools, templates and examples to use
    8. Ronnie's personal Tools list and massive collection of essential links
    9. Guaranteed Escape Hatch: Our month-to-month program means you can cancel at any time with no further obligation (but you won't want to quit!)
    10. Unbelievably low monthly membership cost
    11. Amazingly affordable and productive 1:1 coaching on demand with Ronnie Noize, Google's #1 Marketing Coach for seven years running (in organic searches)

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