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 Private Coaching [Public rates]

Marketing Diagnostic Session | $179 per 30-minute session

This is your first session with Veronika Noize, the Marketing Coach.

Wondering what's wrong, and why things are not working as well as you'd like? This ultra-affordable 30-minute 1:1 will identify the gaps, the issues, and the opportunities in your marketing plans. 

A marketing diagnostic session is an evaluative meeting in which we identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of your current situation or plans. This 30-minute meeting is formatted to surface the key metrics and significant information that determines your potential for success.

Imagine going to the doctor to find out why you feel tired, sluggish, or you have headaches all the time. Your doctor asks you a lot of questions, weighs you, takes your temp, and then gives you her diagnosis, followed by a prescription (which could include changes in diet, exercise, vitamins, or even drugs or surgery).

That is exactly what this meeting is like but you get to keep your clothes on, and there are no scales or thermometers to worry about. We look at what's going on, what's wrong, and then you get a prescription for how to fix the problems.

Please note that we don't "fix the problem" in this meeting, rather we identify the real problems as well as the solution(s). Some fixes are easy, but most will take time, attention, and effort to get on track.

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Private Marketing Coaching | $250 per 45-minute session

In a private marketing coaching session, we focus on the identification of solutions, strategies and action steps. Ideally, a Marketing Diagnostic session precedes the private coaching session.

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See the Private Coaching FAQ here

DIY Services are Tax Deductible

Before you even look at what I have to offer, you should know that according to the IRS reps I spoke with recently, all DIY services (programs, coaching, events, etc.) are tax-deductible, so in the long run, they are essentially FREE to you! 

Here's an article about deductible business expenses that explains more, and here are links to specific IRS publications that detail where and what to deduct: Publication 970 and Publication 535.

But don't take my word for it, because I am not a tax professional. Please discuss details with your own trusted tax professional.

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