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Are you ready for more clients?

Hello, entrepreneur,

I'm Ronnie Noize, the marketing coach. I have a great business that helps other people live their dreams, but I wouldn't have it if I hadn't figured out how to get clients in an economy like this.

What did I do? I developed a formula that built my business fast, and now YOU can benefit from these same strategies, because in this class I will tell you EXACTLY how I did it. This information-packed class spells out my famous marketing blueprint formula in specific detail (so bring a pen to the class!).

Perfect for creative professionals, artists, solopreneurs, and other small office/home office professionals who sell their expertise rather than a product, this information-packed class will introduce the basic concepts covered in both the live and virtual sessions my Marketing Blueprint series, as well as the other success strategies I use to keep revenues high and profits up.

You'll learn why you can be a hard-working self-employed service professional who has the background, the education, and the experience necessary to succeed -- but still not have the clients or success that you want.

You'll learn that it truly is possible to make a living doing what you love, and be paid well for it!

You'll learn that marketing doesn't have to be an unpleasant chore IF you're doing the right stuff for you, and you've got the tools to make it happen.

Here's exactly what else you'll learn in this one-hour introductory class:
    • My unique four-step model for amazing success (with all the details!)
    • Why this process works when so many other "marketing bootcamps" just waste your time and money
    • How you can duplicate my success and get my help while you do it
    • And much more!
For some people, just this introductory class will be enough to start them on their way to success, but for many folks, this will be just the tip of the iceberg, and that's why this class is free.

I am willing to PROVE to you that my process works, no matter what your goals are for your business, so I will share my secrets with you so that you can see for yourself how powerful this information can be for you.

If you don't walk away from this class excited and confident, with your enthusiasm reignited, well, you weren't listening. ^_^

But seriously, this class is guaranteed to be worth your time, and I can tell you with confidence that it will be one of the most profitable hours you've spent on your business all week!

Free Teleclass: Intro to DIY Marketing Blueprint Free Audio Download

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Teleclass feedback:

"Great call! Thank you for a call that was jam packed with wonderful and helpful info." ~ Julie Brockman

"I was on the call today. It was wonderful and very informational. You have taken marketing to the next level." ~ Kathy Kendrix, Empowerment Group, Empowering Your Success 

"I've taken Ronnie's marketing class and it completely transformed how I think about, conduct and promote my business. Working with her has also renewed my enthusiasm for my feng shui consulting service and given me greater confidence that I can and do do it well. I believe that any small business owner would benefit from working with Ronnie and recommend her highly." ~ Joy Overstreet

"What a great class yesterday! And what an exciting bunch of work we have ahead of us! I am very impressed and thrilled about the workshop so far, and quite happy that everything is recorded, so we can dig even deeper into the discussions afterwards! The whole setup you have developed seems very elaborate and really to point of what I need – that’s so great!!!" ~ Carsten Roland

"I've said it before, but whether it's the class or talking to you one-on-one like we did today, I always get what I can only describe as a shot of adrenaline. I can't say enough about how this class and talking with you has helped me, both professionally and personally." ~ Adam,

"The last session we had where we did the role play on conversion conversation was exactly what I needed. As soon as you said, "Just say 'I understand.'", I thought, "ok I get it--all I need to do is use my counseling skills." Since then I have had unbounded success! I appreciate the way you taught the course, your level of commitment to each of us, and the support really came through. I have way more than doubled my business as a result of the class. Most importantly, I have figured out the right way for me to market myself and it is happening. ~Kaya,

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