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 About the DIY Marketing Center

FAIR WARNING: The DIY Marketing Center programs and private coaching are NOT FOR EVERYONE! If any of the following apply to you, please do not join:
    • If you need to borrow money or go into more debt to buy this membership, don't join.
    • If joining means that your family is deprived of necessities (food, clothing, clarinet lessons), don't join.
    • If your gut is saying the price is too high, or you don't feel comfortable in any way, don't join.
    • If you're not willing to put in the work required (because creating plans and systems to make money takes work, contrary to what others are trying to sell you), don't join. 
BUT, if are ready to commit to building a revenue-generating, life-enhancing, rewarding business--and you are willing to accept the support, the guidance, and the advice of experts and colleagues, this program may be a good fit.

Is the DIY a good fit for you?
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This program is NOT for small business owners who are content to struggle, so to avoid wasting your time, let me explain exactly what kind of person this program is designed for: 
    • FIRST, you must be dedicated to being an "entrepreneur" rather than a "hobbyist," meaning that you intend to build a business using your expertise, training and tools, and that you also accept personal responsibility for building your business.

    • SECOND, you must be willing to set and pursue specific goals for your future, such as financial goals, business development goals, community service goals, and so on.

    • THIRD, you must be flexible in the way you achieve your goals. No, that doesn't mean that you will have to do things you hate, rather it means that you must be open to new or other ways to get where you want to go.

    • FOURTH, you must be willing to learn and actually do new things to build your business. If what you've done so far has worked, great! But going from a low 4- or 5-figure income to a high 5-figure or even a 6-figure income requires not doing more of the same, but doing some things differently, as well as doing some new things.

    • FIFTH, you must be committed to making your business a success, meaning that you are willing to do whatever it takes to find and serve your clients, patients or customers.

    • SIXTH, you must be willing to release your old prejudices, fears, and any bad habits that may have stood in your way of succeeding in the past. You simply cannot hang on to old programming if you want to significantly up your game professionally.

    • SEVENTH, you must be in business. While I do work with start ups, this program is specifically and exclusively for small businesses that are beyond the "wanna-be" stage.

Do the above categories describe you and your business? 

Do you want to apply to the DIY to further your business goals? 


The first step toward the support of DIY membership is by booking a small coaching package with head coach Veronika (Ronnie) Noize. If all goes well, you will find yourself with an invitation to join this elite group of entrepreneurs! 

Still have questions about joining the DIY?

Check the Public Events page for the upcoming DIY events. These happen monthly live at our offices and via teleconference. Register for the event of your choice so you can get a reminder.

During these Preview Events, we will cover the basics of what working with the DIY will look like for you and your business, tour Mastermind programs and the website, and answer your questions.

If you still feel the need for more information, call 360-882-1298 with your questions.

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