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 Who Has the Marketing Advantage: Introverts or Extroverts?

By Veronika (Ronnie) Noize, the Marketing Coach

It might seem obvious that extroverts are "naturally" better at marketing, because extroverts more closely align with the current idea of the successful business person: Competitive, vocal, quick to respond, and action-oriented.

But are those truly the traits that make for good business? Recent research indicates that introverts have some powerful advantages. For example:

1. Competition: With a high reward sensitivity, extroverts can get so wrapped up in the thrill of competition that they may take too many risks and can make questionable decisions in the heat of the moment. An example is the mortgage crisis of a few years ago, which was created by extroverts dazzled by revenue potential that put them on a one-way road to financial ruin. 

Introverts actually have less dopamine squirting in their brains in anticipation of resource acquisition, which means we're gonna get less excited about the deal, and definitely not willing to get into a high risk situation blinded by the future delights of potential rewards.

Advantage: Introverts

2. Strategy: Often seen as people of action, extroverts tend to focus on doing, which makes for lots of activity, but not always productivity, especially when lack of planning causes problems. 

As Susan Cain, the author of Quiet, observes, "Introverts are better at making a plan, staying with a plan, and being very disciplined." This is a significant point, because virtually all the current research on business success identify planning and implementation as two of the top key factors in small business success.

Advantage: Introverts

3. Relationships: While the folks shaking the most hands, laughing the loudest, and getting most of the attention at networking events are the extroverts, it's the introverts who create stronger and more relationships, focusing on quality over quantity. The extrovert may know your face, but an introvert knows your name and your business because introverts focus on connections rather than indulging in superficial small talk.

Advantage: Introverts

What is an introvert?
An introvert is a person who recharges or is energized by spending time alone. ~ Veronika Noize, The Marketing Coach

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