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It seems like everybody is either listening to or hosting a podcast these days. Which means there could be a great opportunity to spread the word about you and your business, right?

The truth is that most podcast hosts are not looking to promote your business or help you make a sale. (And if they are, you should beware of that business model!) They are looking for interesting guests that provide value to their listeners. The good news is that you can grow your business being a guest on podcasts without selling.

In this marketing masterclass training, you will learn:

  • where to find the right podcasts that are looking for guests like you
  • how to get booked on podcasts that cater to your market
  • what to say to stand out from other podcast guests
  • how to turn your podcast appearances into a PR bonanza
  • why you should never pay to be a podcast guest
  • how to use a podcast to grow your business--even if you are not allowed to sell

    What: How to Grow Your Business Being Interviewed on Podcasts Free Webinar

    When: Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 10 AM Pacific · 12 PM Central · 1 PM Eastern

    Where: from the comfort and convenience of your own phone or computer

    How much: free; registration includes live participation; member registration includes video replay + slides + notes + handouts

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