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 Coaching Prep

Hey, having the best coaching session ever depends on three things:

  • Determining what you want to get out of the session
  • How well you are prepared for the session
  • Being fully present during the session
First, ask yourself this question: What do I want to be different after my coaching session? What do I want to know, do or have as a result of this time?

Second, prepare yourself as much as you can to achieve the result you desire. For example, write down your thoughts, ideas, and questions in advance. Gather any materials that you need for the session, as either examples or reference, or as evidence. Here are some questions to help you:
    • What exactly are you looking for/what kind of help?
    • What do you want to accomplish/achieve?
    • What do you have in place right now? What works?
    • What's missing? What would you like to improve?
    • Why is this on your mind right now?
Third, prepare yourself to be fully present by allowing plenty of time to arrive and get settled, whether meeting in my office or by phone. Take a bio break immediately before the session, and get any hydration you might need (coffee, tea, water) to feel comfortable. 

Make sure you have paper, a pen or pencil (your writing instrument of choice), your phone (to record in-person sessions) and possibly your laptop or tablet if we're going to be looking at your work or online presence.

If you'd like a brief (60-second) centering exercise to start your session, just ask.

There is no need to worry about anything during our time together. Our focus will be entirely on YOU, and what you need to reach your objectives. 

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