The Top 10 Buying Signals You Might Not Recognize

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 The Top 10 Buying Signals You Might Not Recognize

The Top 10 Buying Signals You Might Not Recognize

I believe that one of the magic bullets of marketing is to ask for the sale. Many people are afraid to ask, thinking that would be too pushy, or believe that the prospect should tell you that they are ready to buy.

What we need to understand is that people do indeed tell us when they are ready to buy, but we simply don't read the signals correctly or respond appropriately. The truth is that people give us buying signals all the time, and our only challenge is to recognize and respond to them. Here are some signals to recognize:

1. Repeating a question that has been answered fully already, or asking the same question twice in rapid succession. Example: "What was that you said about your fees? How much did you say three sessions per month cost?" "I know we already covered your fees, but can we talk about that again?"

2. Asking a question that indicates they picture themselves working with you, such as your process. Example: "I would get how many sessions per month?" "Would we meet in person or on the phone?

3. Asking for a sample of your services. Example: "Could I try it for a month to see if I liked it?"

4. Making positive noises. Example: "You're really good." "Oh yeah? That's great. Who wouldn't want that?"

5. Asking "chicken" questions, or questions that force you to deal with a limit that you've set, such as minimum commitment or price. Example: "What happens if I don't like it after the first month, or the second?" "Suppose I work with you but I don't see any results?" "You said you didn't accept personal checks; what if I didn't want to use a credit card?"

6. Any comment or question about price. Remember, if they tell you it's too much, they want to buy, but aren't convinced of the value.

7. Asking for references. This is a no-brainer. They want confirmation of their decision, and by speaking to another client, they can get reassurance that they're on the right track with you.

8. Asking for your professional guidance or opinion. Example: "Do you think this is the best program for me?" "What would you do in my position?"

9. Mentioning a negative experience with a previous vendor. Example: "The last time I worked with a PR person I felt misunderstood, like it was all about the PR guy's agenda, not mine." Here is a great opportunity to focus on your promise, which is not about process but about results.

10. Asking a question about starting or timing. Example: "When does the program start?" "What days would we meet?" "How soon would I get that?"

Keep in mind that if someone asks, "What's the next step," or "When can we start," these aren't buying signals as much as buying sledgehammers!

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