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 About the DIY Marketing Center

What is the DIY Marketing Center?

The DIY Marketing Center (DIY MC) is the place for small business success. The DIY MC provides marketing and business development tools, training, guidance, support and structure to small business owners and sales professionals.

Through virtual classes, group and private coaching, the DIY MC shows small business owners how to implement marketing and business strategies that attract clients, generate revenue, and build profitable relationships.

The vision of the DIY MC is simple: That 100% of small businesses thrive. Free and low-cost marketing programs are offered to the public by the DIY MC and our certified marketing coaches on a monthly basis, including workshops, trainings, and teleclasses, to support this vision.

Meet our certified coaches here.

Important UPDATE:  DIY Marketing Center Services are Tax Deductible

Before you even look at what I have to offer, you should know that according to the IRS reps I spoke with yesterday, my services are tax-deductible, so in the long run, they are essentially FREE to you! Here's an article about business tax deductions I found online that explains more, and here are links to specific IRS publications that detail where and what to deduct: Publication 970 and Publication 535.

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