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 30+ Engaging Social Media Post Ideas

30+ Engaging Social Media Post Ideas Need to know what to post to get people reacting on social media? Here are enough ideas to post something new every day for a month! You're welcome.

1. Member/user/client spotlights: Help your tribe get a little famous for what they do, and you'll get the benefit of their social reach.

2. Facebook live: A quick behind-the-scenes look or sneak peek at an event is fun and exciting. 30 seconds is fine.

3. Awe-inspiring ideas, images, acts: What inspires YOU? Share it.

4. Big giveaway: Monthly, quarterly or even yearly sweepstakes can generate a lot of love on social media. Take a photo of the prize package, and share.

5. Behind-the-scenes: Reveal news, info, or images of your process. Think peeking behind the curtain!

6. Questions/ask for advice, opinions, survey: Great for both engagement and enlightenment.

7. Quote memes with text, attribution: Make your own quickly and easily with and

8. Newsletters: Be sure to link to the online version. Use for hard copy documents.

9. Finish-this-sentence stem prompts: If I were queen of the world, I would...

10. Facebook live opinion piece: Here's what I really think about...

11. Facebook live interview: Get a tip, observation, from someone else. Can be a celebrity, expert or simply (wo)man on the street.

12. Recognition for receipt of award: Best if it is for a friend, but still good to share your humble joy at winning your own.

13. Anniversary/milestone announcement.

14. Seasonal message (holiday, etc.).

15. Your own reviews as content: Both reviews you've given and received.

16. Before and after images: Clean your desk? That's content!

17. Recommended free service or app: Be sure to tag the recommended service.

18. Infographics: Yours or shared from others.

19. Mail call: Look what came in the mail today!

20. Tips and tricks, hacks: You know stuff, so share it.

21. Link to old or new article or blog post of yours

22. Definitions

23. Recipes and formulas

24. Freebie/lead gen item/link

25. An article/content on your topic

26. Case studies (Challenge, Action, Result stories)

27. Promoting power partners or colleagues

28. Congratulations/share others' good news

29. Share events (others)

30. Sharing 3rd party news coverage

31. Do's and don'ts

32. FAQs

33. New product or service announcements

34. Press releases: Link to your big news

35. Share events (owned)

36. Review a service/shout out to provider (positive)

37. Meet our staff

38. Staff vacation update (going, just got back, look what they're doing)

39. Fave Pinterest boards

40. Special offer/sale/deal (yours)

41. Product/service info

42. Birthday wishes: Do this monthly, and tag all your clients/partners/circle celebrating that month

43. Selfies with your friends, clients, fans, guest speakers at events

44. Shouts out to top engaged community members

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