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  • 09 Jan 2017 7:16 AM | Anonymous

    DIY Member Spotlight: Meet Shana O'Brien, Vancouver's Red-Headed Realtor(R) at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.

    Please Like Shana's Facebook page, and check out her cool local group for house-hunting in Vancouver, WA:

  • 08 Jan 2017 9:19 AM | Anonymous

    DIY Member Spotlight: Meet Kymm Nelsen of the Institute for Conscious Leadership. Please Like Kymm's Facebook page, and check out her new podcast featuring interviews and deep dives into conscious leadership.

  • 08 Jan 2017 9:18 AM | Anonymous

    first 2017 mastermind meeting + networking class + weekly schedule

    DIY Member Weekly UpdateJanuary 9-13, 2017 · #314 · Friday Preview Edition

    Masterminding in Vancouver!

    2017's First Mastermind Meeting Happens Wednesday


    The first Mastermind meeting of 2017 is on Wednesday at the DIY in Vancouver. 

    What will you miss if you don't attend?

    • How to be a DIY spotlighted member on social media (and why you want this)
    • A fun and easy exercise to streamline your marketing
    • The chance to get 1:1 help from your coach, or feedback from your tribe
    • And more!

    ALL members are welcome, and the fee is only $25 for members; $0 for Local and All Access Pass holders. Registration is appreciated but not required.

    RSVP here: DIY MC Mastermind Meeting [Vancouver]

    Hope to see YOU there (if you'll be in town, of course).


    Ronnie Noize
    YOUR Marketing Coach

    Networking for Newbies on Friday January 13th

    Networking for Newbies: Skills Training in Networking 

    Are you new in business, new to networking, or looking for a refresher on the fundamentals? 

    Learn the secrets of effective business networking in this fun and fast-paced workshop, including:

    • When and where to network for business
    • How to show up with confidence, even if you don't know a soul there
    • How to avoid the worst networking mistakes

    All members are on the guest list! See the Member Specials page for the Guest List coupon code/password here: Member Specials

    Then RSVP for the event here: Networking for Newbies [Networking Training]

    PS: YES, you may share the Guest List code with a friend or prospect!

    Links for DIY Events from January 9-13, 2017

    Action Call-8 [Monday] iMeet | 8am Pacific 
    Registration required | DIY & Local Pass: $25; All Access Pass: $0

    Action Call-9 [Monday] iMeet | 9am Pacific
    Registration required | DIY & Local Pass: $25; All Access Pass: $0 

    Action Call-1 [Monday] iMeet | 1pm Pacific
    Registration required | DIY & Local Pass: $25; All Access Pass: $0

    DIY Mastermind [Wednesday] DIY Vancouver | 9:30am Pacific
    Registration requested | DIY: $25; Local & All Access Passes: $0 

    Networking for Newbies [Friday] DIY Vancouver | 9:30am Pacific
    Registration required  | Public $25-30; DIY members $0

    see the DIY Events calendar

    DIY Marketing Center · 1101 Broadway Suite 110 · Vancouver WA 98660 · 360-882-1298
    Facebook group:
    Book a coaching session:

  • 07 Jan 2017 6:30 AM | Anonymous

    Today's Prosperity & Profitability Planning workshop is cancelled due to weather. Forecasts at this hour are saying that the snow will start as early as 10am, which would mean bad driving conditions are inevitable. The workshop will be rescheduled.

    My apologies for the disappointment. I wish we could work together today, too! Stay safe and warm this weekend.

  • 05 Jan 2017 1:55 PM | Anonymous

    Hey DIYers, the audio and video from today's How to Streamline Your Marketing webinar are now posted in the Marketing Classes section of the Members Only area.

    Here's a direct link to access the recordings, slides (PDF) and handout: Streamline Marketing

  • 04 Jan 2017 7:41 PM | Anonymous

    DIYers, the audio and videos of the first Marketing Coaching call of 2017 is now posted and available for download on the Marketing Coaching Calls page in the Members Only area.

    Get the recordings here: Marketing Coaching Calls

  • 03 Jan 2017 9:33 AM | Anonymous

    DIYers, did you see this new policy regarding Action Calls? Registration for Action Calls opens the Friday BEFORE the call. This is to keep the calls open to all members, and to reduce registered no-shows (a member registered for a call but does not show up/attend). The reason for this policy is because there are so few slots available, and a no-show could deprive another member of the opportunity to participate, and also because showing up is part of the accountability in this call. More details on the Action Calls page in the Members Only area.

  • 30 Dec 2016 10:34 AM | Anonymous

    Happy New Year + first 2017 events 

    DIY Member Weekly UpdateJanuary 2-7, 2017 · #313 · Friday Preview Edition

    Webinar How to Streamline Your Marketing

    All-Member Webinar: How to Streamline Your Marketing


    ALL MEMBERS (this means YOU) are welcome at the first marketing webinar of the year: How to Streamline Your Marketing on Thursday at 10am Pacific.

    Is this webinar for you? We'll cover that sweet spot (imagine a Venn diagram here) where marketing, extreme productivity, and limited time (or laziness) meet.

    So ask yourself: Are you working hard, but not getting traction with your marketing efforts? Does it feel like you're doing a ton of stuff (or not getting enough done) but not getting the kind of results you want?

    Yes? Then you're gonna love my ideas for you:

    • a simple tool for organizing your marketing efforts for the next 3 months
    • a checklist of proven strategies to start using immediately
    • how to figure out what's working--and what's not

    Can't make the webinar? The video and handouts will be posted within 24 hours, and the class repeats live on-site at Hatch on Friday, January 20.

    Learn more and RSVP here: Streamline Marketing


    Ronnie Noize
    YOUR Marketing Coach

    2017 Prosperity & Profitability Planning for You

    2017 Prosperity & Profitability Planning on Saturday 

    What can we do to have a successful 2017? We're going to start with setting our intentions for a great year--and then planning how to make it happen!

    All members are welcome at the 2017 Prosperity & Profitability Planning workshop on Saturday, January 7 from 9:30am-12:30pm. 

    Please note the new location: We will be meeting at Franz Hall on the University of Portland campus in north Portland. There is a parking lot just a few steps from the building, and the room is large, comfortable, and has a lovely view. 

    The agenda: We will be planning Q1 of 2017. What to do, what to ignore, and where to focus for prosperity and profitability.

    There is room for a few more participants, and there is no charge for members. Sorry, but there is no room for non-members or other guests.

    Are you in? RSVP here: 2017 Prosperity & Profitability Planning

    Speaking of making it a great year, time is running out on the All Access deal:

    Last chance! This special offer ends Saturday, December 31 at midnight

    Links for DIY Events from January 2-7, 2017

    Marketing Coaching [Wednesday]
    iMeet | 2pm Pacific | Members only (registration required)

    Webinar: How to Streamline Your Marketing [Thursday]
    iMeet | 10am Pacific | Public/all members (registration required)

    2017 Prosperity & Profitability Planning [Saturday]
    U of Portland | 9:30am Pacific | Members only (registration required)

    see the DIY Events calendar

    DIY Marketing Center · 1101 Broadway Suite 110 · Vancouver WA 98660 · 360-882-1298
    Facebook group:
    Book a coaching session:

    Please do not Unsubscribe from this members-only weekly email because you will miss out on your membership news, benefits and important notifications!

  • 27 Dec 2016 11:58 AM | Anonymous

    Hey gang,

    The January 2017 member newsletter has been mailed, and the electronic versions are now available on the Newsletter page.

    Many thanks to our cover girl Teresa Rodden; as the first member to contribute a photo for the cover, she had no idea what to expect.

    Be sure to let me know what you think of the new format! 

  • 26 Dec 2016 6:47 PM | Anonymous

    Hey gang, there is a new membership model at the DIY. To see what's happening, check out the Membership page in the Members Only area.

    Also, check out a special limited time offer for current members right here.

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