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 The All-In All-Access Pass Special: A Message from Your Marketing Coach

Are you serious about your own success?

If you're 100% serious and 100% all in, I'm 100% committed to supporting and helping you! 

What do you want for yourself and your business in the next year?

What I want for you is the success you've always dreamed of in the next 12 months. I stand ready to support you every step of the way. I commit to rolling up my sleeves and helping you make it happen. 

Here's what I will do to help you:

  • I will help you create a plan, map out action steps, and identify your motivation for success this year
  • I will support you when your energy flags, motivation weakens, or setbacks threaten your progress
  • I will provide tools, resources, and professional-quality advice to help you get what you want and where you want to be
  • I will be unconditionally encouraging, unfailingly honest, and fiercely loyal to your goals

Here's exactly how, when and where I will help you:

  • Weekly check-ins and accountability--you choose the time (Mondays at 8 AM or 1 PM)
  • Two monthly laser coaching sessions of 8 minutes each (on the first Wednesdays and the third Tuesdays)
  • Monthly classes to share new marketing ideas, outline news strategies, and upgrade your skills
  • One planning workshop to map out your success plans, stay motivated and on track
  • And if you choose to add private coaching to your program, we can do that, too!

And when you make a 12-month commitment to creating your best year, I will do one more thing:

I will give you a full year of all the above for just $597

Yes, you can get a year-long All-Access Pass to work with me for a full year for under $50 a month!

Just how good of a deal is this? 

Let's do the math:

Right now, the monthly all-access pass is $77 a month, so you would expect to pay $924 for a full year. ($77 x 12 = $924)

Truth: Under $1000 for a full year of personal coaching, support, and classes? That's still a great deal...

But you can have it ALL for a full year with just one low payment of $597.

So, which is a better deal: $924 or $597? Even if you hate math, you can see the huge difference, right?

The All-Access Pass is now available to both new and current DIY members, but it may not last long. Of course, DIY members are welcome to buy a monthly pass at any time.

Bonus! The All-Access Pass also includes your yearly membership dues, waived for the duration of this program.

What if you're already on a yearly program and want to upgrade to all access? You can do that!

Here's how it works:

Buy the All-Access pass now, and you get 12 months of all access starting immediately. The balance of your original prepaid year will resume at the end of your year. How's that for awesome!?!?

If you have any questions, please call me (360-882-1298), email me, or better yet, post your question in our Facebook group. That way, others with the same question can see the answer.

BIG NEWS: All-Access Pass holders will lock in this special rate--and have the option to renew in 2018!!

What do I want out of this? I want BIG success stories--starting with yours. I want you to have a little extra to spend when and where you need it to make your success happen. So I am "putting my money where my mouth is" as they say, by investing my time, my energy, and my profit into your success.

I want you to succeed BIG this year--whatever that looks like to you. I am ready and committed to helping you. I know you can do it (after all, you are a "do-it-yourselfer") but I believe it will be easier with my help. We CAN do it--together!

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